In an April 3, 2014 hearing addressing the progress of SPD under the Consent Decree, the Honorable James Robart re-emphasized the central importance of the community to the reform effort:

“[U]nity and community . . . is what we seek to achieve here, where the police are not viewed as ‘them,’ they are viewed as ‘us.’ If we can accomplish that by these changes, then I believe that we will have a police department that Seattle can be justifiably proud of.”
— 4/3/14 Status Conference Transcript at 88.

The Monitoring Team strongly believes that continuous dialogue with the community will be required to engender public trust in the reform process and to gauge whether the community is beginning to see the results of reforms implemented as a result of the Consent Decree.


Attend a Community Forum

To facilitate continuous dialogue, the Monitoring Team is hosting a series of town hall-style community forums.  These forums are open to all and held in key community centers.  Although the Monitor, or representatives of the Monitoring Team, will update participants on the current state of progress, the Monitor primarily wants to answer questions, hear from Seattle residents, and interact directly with members of all of Seattle's richly diverse communities.

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Send Us Your Feedback

If you can't attend a forum, the Monitoring Team urges you to use the web-based form below to provide your views and comments.

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Become Involved with the Community Police Commission (CPC)

The Community Police Commission (CPC) was created in the process of finalizing the Consent Decree.  It provides a forum for the community to provide input on the reform process.  It officially began its work in March 2013.  The chief task of the Commission is to reach out into the community regularly and get feedback on how police-community interactions are going.  The Commission's 15 volunteer Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by City Council, and represent a number of Seattle's diverse communities, including SPD's employee unions.

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