Seattle PD Reaches Initial Compliance With Use of Force Reforms

In a comprehensive assessment of use of force within the Seattle Police Department filed with the Hon. James Robart of the Western District of Washington today, 

PARC's Seattle Monitoring Team finds that overall use of force by the SPD is down – both across time under the Consent Decree and compared to the time period studied by the original DOJ investigation. Overall, use of force has gone down even as officer injuries have not gone up and crime, by most measures, has not increased. At the same time, the force that SPD officers do use is reasonable, necessary, proportional, and consistent with the Department’s use of force policy more than 99 percent of the time.

Because officers are using less force overall, without negatively impacting officer safety or public safety, and are using force consistent with law and SPD policy in those increasingly infrequent instances when force is deployed, Monitor Merrick Bobb finds that SPD is in initial compliance with Paragraphs 69 to 90 of the Consent Decree.

Read the full report here.