Monitor Files Scientific Survey of Public Confidence

Pursuant to the Third-Year Monitoring Plan, the Monitoring Team in partnership with the Parties, and the assistance of the nationally recognized survey research firm Anzalone Lizst Grove, agreed upon an approach for a scientific survey of community perceptions about the Seattle Police Department.  This follows up a similar survey conducted by the Anzalone firm in 2013.  The Anzalone firm was commissioned to conduct the survey and presented the results to the Parties and Monitor.

A summary of the survey results can be found here.  The full results can be found here and here.

The Monitor is continuing to conduct a rigorous qualitative assessment of the extent to which SPD’s ‘police services are delivered to the people of Seattle in a manner that promotes public confidence in the Seattle Police Department and its officers.’”  The results of this important second part of the Monitor’s public confidence assessment will be filed with the Court by December 3, 2015.