Court Approves Stops and Detentions/Bias-Free Policing Training, Advanced Crisis Training

On September 23, the Court formally approved two sets of important training initiatives. The first is a training plan (called an Instructional System Design Model, or ISDM) that addresses the Department's revised policy on stops and detentions of civilians, as well as SPD's policy on bias-free policing. The second training initiative is an advanced training course on crisis intervention, which will be provided to officers who had previously become "crisis intervention training certified" as a result of attending basic, intensive training in prior years on interacting with individuals experiencing behavioral crisis.

The Monitor had previously recommended approval of the initiatives on September 2, indicating that both represented significant progress in providing further, precise instruction to officers on skills and expectations associated with areas critical to the Consent Decree's core concerns. Both trainings are anticipated to be implemented and completed by December 31, 2014.