Monitor Recommends Approval of Training on Stops & Detentions and Bias-Free Policing

On September 2, the Monitor recommended to the Court that it approve an 8-hour training plan that will provide critical guidance to officers on two subjects.  The first subject is stops and detentions.  The training provides instruction on voluntary contacts with subjectsinvestigative stops, frisks, consent searches, reasonable suspicion, and probable cause.  It provides guidance on the consensus policies addressing stops that the Court previously approved.

The second subject is bias-free policing--a subject that is addressed in an SPD Policy approved by the Court on January 17.  The training incorporates critical features and key insights from a variety of existing training programs across numerous fields, well-established academic research, and existing law enforcement and professional training programs.  The training presumes that SPD officers maintain an express commitment against overt discrimination and differential treatment and, accordingly, focuses on how innate mental processes may subconsciously influence decision-making in a manner that may at times prove less consistent with an express commitment to equality and fairness than officers, the Department, and the community may desire.

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