Monitor Recommends Approval of Advanced Crisis Intervention Training and Crisis Training Strategy

On September 2, the Monitor recommended that the Court approve SPD's Advanced Crisis Intervention Training Curriculum and Crisis Intervention Training strategy.  

The Advanced Training curriculum will ensure that officers who already certified as Crisis Intervention-Trained officers stay abreast of the most recent developments in this challenging area of law enforcement.

The Training Strategy details what Crisis Intervention training that sworn SPD personnel will receive, how that training will be tracked, and detailing a timeline for completion of the training.  The Department worked extensively with the Crisis Intervention Committee ("CIC")--a community consortium of social service providers, clinicians, advocates, academics, mental health professionals, representatives of the judiciary, SPD personnel, and others--to create the Training Strategy.  The SPD-CIC collaboration has already yielded important new policies and procedures on response to individuals in behavioral crisis, including a plan for all SPD officers to receive basic training on responding to individuals in behavioral crisis.

To read more about the Advanced Training and Crisis Intervention Training Strategy, click here.