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Monitor Recommends Adoption of Performance Mentoring Policy

On March 3, 2014, the Monitor recommended approval of consensus policies on a performance mentoring policy.  To read the policies, click here.

Federal Judge Approves Seattle Police Department's Crisis Intervention Draft Policies 

Please click here to download the policies.

Federal Judge Approves Policies on Voluntary Contacts, Terry Stops, and Bias-Free Policing

On December 31, 2013, the Monitor recommended to the Court that it approve of consensus policies addressing voluntary contacts, Terry stops, and bias-free policing.  On January 17, the Honorable James L. Robart formally approved those policies.

To read the policies covering voluntary contacts and Terry stops, click here.

To read the policies on bias-free policing, click here.

To read the Monitor's Memorandum to the Court recommending approval of the policies, click here.

To see the order approving the policies, click here.

Federal Judge Approves New Use of Force Policies for SPD

In an order dated December 17, 2013, Judge James L. Robart formally approved new Use of Force Policies for the Seattle Police Department.  The Monitor had previously certified that the consensus policies, developed with the City of Seattle, SPD, and Department of Justice ("DOJ") with input from the community, satisfy the requirements of the July 2012 Consent Decree between the City and the DOJ.

To read the general Use of Force Policy, click here.

To read the Use of Force Policy Manual containing force tool-specific policies, click here.

To read the policies regarding the review of use of force, click here.

To read policies governing the force investigation team, click here.

To read Judge Robart's Order approving the new policies, click here.  To read the Monitor's Memorandum to the Court recommending their approval, click here.

Monitor Releases Second Semiannual Report

The Monitor has completed his Second Semiannual Report on the Seattle Police Department.  The report, which is required under the terms of the Settlement Agreement between the City of Seattle and the Department of Justice, was filed with the Court on December 15, 2013.  It notes that the "past six months has been a period of positive progress," with improvements among the Department's Use of Force Review Board and Crisis Intervention Committee.  "Although both have much work remaining, the groups have begun to engage in critical self-analysis to innovate in a thoughtful and dynamic way."

The Monitor also notes that the previous six months has "witnessed significant disappointment and frustration across several areas," including with the Firearms Review Board and the Department's information technology capabilities.  It notes "intransigence and an aversion to innovation in some quarters" that has prohibited the SPD from "ma[king] nearly as much progress during this period as the Monitoring Team knows to have been possible."

The report makes several specific recommendations to the SPD on overhauling its use of data and information technology, continuing to improve in its review of use of force, and reforming its review of officer-involved shootings.  It also outlines continuing work to be done in the area of OPA investigations, community outreach, and crisis intervention.

Please click here to read the report.

Monitoring Team

Merrick Bobb -

Peter Ehrlichman - Deputy Monitor

Ronald Ward - Assistant Monitor

Matthew Barge - Deputy Director

Pat Gannon - Senior Police Expert

Joseph Brann - Senior Police Expert

Julio Thompson - Esq.

Marnie MacDiarmid - Esq.

Ian Warner - Esq.

Ellen Scrivner - Ph.D.

Nicholas Armstrong - Chief of Staff

Christopher Moulton - Director of Research

Jeffrey Yamson - Executive Assistant
Melissa Tobin - Executive Assistant


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